Δευτέρα 27 Ιουνίου 2011

Chainmaille bracelet in silver and a treasured award!!

Hi my friends!! Wishing you a nice week everybody!
I made another bracelet with european chainmaille 4 in 1. The rings are in the same size but thicker than the previous i used for the one in copper !

Γεια σας φιλοι μου!! Ευχομαι μια καλη εβδομαδα σε ολους!
Εφτιαξα αλλο ενα βραχιολι ευρωπαικου τυπου chainmaille 4 σε 1. Τα κρικακια ειναι στο ιδιο μεγεθος αλλα, εχουν περισσοτερο παχος απο αυτα που ειχα χρησιμοποιησει για το ομοιο του σε χαλκινο !

Silver plated small rings 

Τhe hook is silver 

  A closer look to the european weave 4 in 1                                                                

...and look at this treasure award that my sweet friend Natasa gave me before somedays!!!  
I like it so much!!!
...και δειτε αυτο το βραβειο θησαυρο που μου εδωσε η γλυκεια μου φιλη Νατασα πριν λιγες μερες!!! 
Μου αρεσει τοσο πολυ!!!  
She had the wonderful idea to give a special award to each of us instead of giving us the same, and this is the one she gave to me!!!!! Isn't it beautiful?!! 
"Τreasured blogger"!!! What can i say?!!! Ι'm so glad about it!!!
 Ειχε την υπεροχη ιδεα να δωσει ενα ξεχωριστο βραβειο στον καθε ενα απο εμας αντι να δωσει σε ολους το ιδιο και...αυτο ειναι το βραβειο που μου χαρισε!!!! Δεν ειναι πολυ ομορφο;!! " Τreasured blogger"!!! Tι να πω!!! Χαιρομαι πολυ γι'αυτο!!!

        Thank you so much my sweet friend!!! You are a treasure too!!
Send you Hugs and kisses!! 
Σ'ευχαριστω τοσο πολυ γλυκεια μου φιλη!!! Κι εσυ εισαι ενας θησαυρος!! 
Σου στελνω αγκαλιες και φιλια!! 
I have to go now cause i have lot of things to do today!!! 
We talk soon!!!
Πρεπει να φυγω τωρα γιατι εχω πολλα πραγματα να κανω σημερα!!!
Μιλαμε συντομα!!!

 Good morniiiiiiiiing!!!

Παρασκευή 24 Ιουνίου 2011

The Faery

"Keep your eyes and your heart wide open.  
 Only thus is Faery revealed". 
_Brian Froud 

  "Faeries are seen not through the eyes but through the heart"
The Mask of Truth. True dreaming. 
 "Faeries show us flow and the possibilities of change. They show us clarity and insight and the fact that everything is connected and that we are all part of one another!"  

The Faery  

 _"Faery" is an old term that embraces all the elves and gnomes and fairies and other folk, small and large of the otherworld. It includes the angels whose wings spread across the cosmos, and the wee things that go bump in the night while they scrub your kitchen, tie your shoes neatly to each other, and knot elf locks in your hair as you sleep. 
The word faery also means the place_ Faery, the land of all the faeries, also known as the otherworld. Faery is alongside our everyday world, almost but not quite in synchronization with us, overlapping in some ways, different in others, and operating on a different level of energy. 

 The Magic is in You 

 Many people in this modern, unenlightened age have a hard time believing in faeries, but
 far more people find it impossible to believe that there is magic in themselves.    
Natural magic is simple. We are full of it and the more we are true to our own nature, the more we have access to our own magic. When we are caught up in believing in limitations and imposed by ourselves or our culture, we inhibit the flow of energy, which is the melody of Ekstasis's song of the cosmos as it sweeps through us.  

"The wings of flying faeries are symbolic of air, and their human or animal legs of earth.
 A shimmering , luminous quality is their fire aspect! The fluid aspect of shape-shifting represents water
Thus they make balanced connections among the four earthly elements and the four directions of the mystical winds. 
To all these, however, they add the magic of moonlight, the fifth faery element". 
" Faeries hide what you want 
and reveal what you need." 

Connecting with the Faery  

 " To engage with Faery, stay open and let the faeries speak to you. Let them enfold you in faery light. If you desire an emotional or physical healing,direct that thought through the imagery to the light energy of the faery realm. Remember, as each man and woman is a microcosm reflecting the larger natural world, so healing of the self is also a healing for the world. As above,so below!"
 _Brian Froud 

For connecting, each of us must discover our own best path.
 Just as there are two ways of connecting with the earth, through our feet and through our energy tails-there are two ways of connecting with our sources of guidance, the faeries: through our minds and through our hearts.  A way of connecting through the heart is to use our wings. Faeries have wings, but do you realize that you have them, too?
  They are part of the human energy structure, just as our tails are. This tells us that we are more like the faeries that many people suppose. Our wings open and close in responce to how we are feeling. Have you ever consciously tried to spread your wings out? They are naturally spreadable to the extend that our hearts are open-and spreading them out helps our hearts to open more widely.

 Faeries of Greek mythology. 

Perhaps the earliest form of faeries can be found loosely in the mythical beings in Greek mythology, such as the nymphssatyrsand sileni. The nymphs from ancient Greek myths can be considered as fairies and they existed as early as the time of Homer writing the Iliad and the Odyssey. Even the river gods in Greek myths can be classified as fairies. These are spirits or minor deities of nature or of the natural phenomena.
The idea that the world is full of spirit beings both bad and good is one we find in the oldest myths and tales from cultures the world over. In ancient Greece, the Neo-Platonist Porphyry (c. 232-c. 305 A.D.) wrote that the air was inhabited by good and bad spirits with fluid bodies of no fixed shape, creatures who change their form at will. These were certainly faeries. Porphyry explained that the bad spirits were composed of turbulent malignity and created disruptions whenever humans failed to address them with respect.

In ancient Greek literature, the sirens in Homer's Odyssey are fairies, and a number of the heroes in his Iliad have fairy lovers in the form of nymphs.

 nymph in Greek mythology is a female minor nature deity typically associated with a particular location or landform. Different from gods, nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing; their amorous freedom sets them apart from the restricted and chaste wives and daughters of the Greek polis. They dwell in mountains and groves, by springs and rivers, and also in trees and in valleys and cool grottoes. Although they would never die of old age nor illness, and could give birth to fully immortal children if mated to a god, they themselves were not necessarily immortal, and could be beholden to death in various forms.

Other nymphs, always in the shape of young maidens, were part of the retinue of a god, such as DionysusHermes, or Pan, or a goddess, generally the huntress Artemis. Nymphs were the frequent target of satyrs. They are frequently associated with the superior divinities: the huntress Artemis; the prophetic Apollo; the reveller and god of wineDionysus; and rustic gods such as Pan and Hermes.

 source: http://el.wikipedia.org/wiki/Νύμφες 

 Nymphs are divited into types: 
Acheloids(from the river Achelous) 
The children of Hamadryads 

Hamadryad by Waterhouse

 Midsummer's night Eve 

"Now it is the time of night
That the graves, all gaping wide,
Every one lets forth his sprite,
In the church-way paths to glide.
And we fairies, that do run
By the triple Hecate's team
From the presence of the sun,
Following darkness like a dream,
Now are frolic. Not a mouse
Shall disturb this hallowed house.
I am sent with broom before,
To sweep the dust behind the door. 

 (from A Midsummer Night's Dream, by William Shakespeare)

Oberon,Titania and Pulk dancing with Fairies in circle, 1786 

 On Midsummer's Night (also known as Midsummer Eve) the fairies are at their gayest, dancing merrily around and occasionally stealing beautiful maidens. In at least one Welsh tale, the tale of Einion Las, the fairies would sometimes allow mortals to join in their revel for that one night, and they need not fear the normal dangers associated with dealing with the Fae until the next sunrise. 

In one sence, Faery is a land of the past 
where the spirit world and the human world once worked  
in closer harmony 
In the faeries' presence, we experience
 a nostalgic yearning for that time 
and for all the lost hopes and all the lost dreams,all that 
once was or might have been, and may someday 
be again 

Faeries dwell in the twilight, between day and night, between spirit and matter
 between the conscious and the unconscious ... 
where all things are possible,where the past and the future meet

 where we meet ourselves coming back 

When we dance with Faeries, we dance with the reflections of our"
  "true inner self of the world 
 Brian Froud _ 

All contents (except the Greek myths) are taken from the magical book 
 of Brian Froud's :" The Faeries Oracle".

Official Brian's & Wendy's Froud website:  

Brian Froud's biography and more: 

Wishing you a Magical Midsummer night Eve !! 
Hope we will pass the veil and we'll all meet there that  
anything is possible...

If you like to join the Faery celebration visit the hostess Jorgelina:http://todassomosreinas.blogspot.com/
Hugs and Kisseees :o))))  

Τρίτη 21 Ιουνίου 2011

Α faery with a message!!

Hello my dear friends!  Wishing you a great week!
Yesterday something magical happened to me!! I was sitting in the garden when i suddenly saw some leaves moving! I was sure it was something there, cause there was no wind at all and i also heard one strange sound!! I went closer and then a tiny Fairy popped out from the bushes!!!  I couldn't believe in my eyes!!! She was so tiny and weird!!!

Γεια σας αγαπημενοι μου φιλοι! Ευχομαι σε ολους μια υπεροχη εβδομαδα!
Εχθες μου ετυχε κατι μαγικο!! Καθομουν στον κηπο οταν ξαφνικα ειδα μερικα φυλλα να κουνιουνται! Ημουν σιγουρη πως κατι ηταν εκει γιατι δεν ειχε καθολου αερα και επισης ακουσα και εναν περιεργο ηχο!! Πλησιασα κοντα και τοτε μια μικροσκοπικη Νεραιδα πεταχτηκε μεσα απο τους θαμνους!!! Δεν πιστευα στα ματια μου!!! Ηταν τοσο μικροσκοπικη και περιεργη!!!

Bead stitch Fairy Brooche! 

 She flew around me a couple of times and then she stood in front of me and started to sing something in her fairy language!!!

 Πεταξε γυρω μου καμποσες φορες και μετα σταθηκε μπροστα μου και αρχισε να τραγουδαει κατι στην Νεραιδιστικη γλωσσα τους!!!

The Fairy with her Snail!! 

Then she flew down to the grass and i lost her for a while! She started to sing again and i followed the sound with my eyes! Yes! with my eyes!! because the song of the fairies leaves colours in the air and lots of faery dust!!! It is something like a very small rainbow!! I followed it and found her standing through the grass, next to a snail that was singing with her and collecting fairy dust!!!!

Μετα πεταξε προς τα κατω, στο γρασιδι και την εχασα για λιγο απο μπροστα μου ! Εκεινη αρχισε να τραγουδαει ξανα και ακολουθησα τον ηχο με τα ματια μου!! Ναι! με τα ματια μου!! γιατι το τραγουδι των Νεραιδων αφηνει χρωματα στον αερα και...πολυ νεραιδοσκονη!!!!
Μοιαζει σαν ενα μικρο ουρανιο τοξο!! Το ακολουθησα λοιπον και την αντικρυσα να στεκεται
μεσα στο γρασιδι, διπλα απο ενα σαλιγκαρι που τραγουδουσε μαζι της και εκανε συλλογη νεραιδοσκονης!!

She is bead stitched and sewed in a shaped fabric that is the base for the pin! 

She was so weird,but very beautiful !!! She had no hands,only feathers!!! and she told me that she is the Messenger of the Faery Kingdom!! She had a message for me and my blog friends!!
So i want to share with you the message she gave me!!
The little Fairy told me that on 24th of June is the big Faery day of the year!! It is the Midsummer's night Eve and all the fairies are gathering together to celebrate the summer ! It is the most possible time to connect to their realm, if you believe in them!! The veil between the two worlds is thinner than ever!!! Then she told me to visit Jorgelina's blog to learn more details!! I had a feeling she was in a hurry so i hold my self back from asking her questions, and i had plenty of it , but i let her continue and she said,
"If your story is nice... we will let you and your friends enter to our Realm for as long as you like"!
As you understand, i was full of joy and happiness when i heard that!! I thanked the Fairy and she suddenly disappeared from my eyes, leaving some fairy dust on the air and i was hearing again that fairy song as she was going away!! 
Ι run immediately to my computer and found Jorgelina's blog!! She is organising a celebration for all the Fairy lovers who like to honour these ethereal and enchanting creatures!! This is their day!!
As you all know i love Fairies,Elves and all the Spirits of Nature so i wait all of you on 24th to celebrate and hopefully pass the veil!!! I Wish it with all my heart! Will you be with me?  (o;
It will be so exciting!! You can visit several Fairy lovers and read their dedications to the Fairies in their blogs and communicate with them and whoever of you likes can also take part in this magic celebration!!!
I will wait for you all!!!
Take care!! Kisses!!

Ηταν τοσο περιεργη, αλλα πολυ ομορφη!!! Δεν ειχε χερια, μονο φτερα!!! και μου ειπε οτι ειναι η αγγελιοφορος του Νεραιδοβασιλειου!! Ειχε λεει, ενα μηνυμα για εμενα και τους blogoφιλους μου!!
Οποτε, απ'οτι καταλαβαινετε, ηρθε η ωρα να το μοιραστω μαζι σας!!
Η μικρη Νεραιδα μου ειπε οτι στις 24 Ιουνιου ειναι η μεγαλη μερα των Νεραιδων και οτι συμβαινει καθε χρονο!! Ειναι η παραμονη της μεσοκαλοκαιρινης νυχτας και ολες οι Νεραιδες συγκεντρωνονται μαζι για να γιορτασουν το καλοκαιρι!! Ειναι η πιο πιθανη ωρα να περασεις το πεπλο που χωριζει τον κοσμο μας απο το δικο τους ,αν πιστευεις σε αυτες-ους! Το πεπλο λεπταινει πιο πολυ απο ποτε!!
Μετα μου ειπε να επισκεφθω το blog της Jorgelina για να μαθω περισσοτερες λεπτομερειες! Ειχα ενα συναισθημα οτι ηταν καπως βιαστικη και ετσι κρατηθηκα και δεν της εκανα καθολου ερωτησεις,αν και ειχα πολλες απο δαυτες, μα την αφησα να συνεχισει και μου ειπε,
"Αν η ιστορια σου ειναι ωραια...θα αφησουμε εσενα και τους φιλους σου να επισκεφθειτε τον κοσμο μας για οσο εσεις θελετε"!
Οπως καταλαβαινετε πλημμυρισα απο χαρα και ευτυχια οταν το ακουσα αυτο!! Ευχαριστησα τη Νεραιδα και εκεινη ξαφνικα εξαφανιστηκε απο μπροστα μου αφηνωντας λιγη Νεραιδοσκονη και ακουγα ξανα αυτο το νεραιδιστικο τραγουδι να απομακρυνεται σιγα σιγα!!  
Αμεσως ετρεξα στον υπολογιστη μου και βρηκα το blog της Jorgelina!! Οργανωνει μια γιορτη για ολους τους λατρεις των Νεραιδων οι οποιοι θελουν να τιμησουν αυτα τα αιθερια και μαγευτικα πλασματα!! Αυτη ειναι η μερα τους!! 
Οπως ολοι γνωριζετε λατρευω τις Νεραιδες, τα Ξωτικα και ολα τα Πνευματα της Φυσης οποτε σας περιμενω ολους την Παρασκευη στις 24 Ιουνιου να γιορτασουμε μαζι, ελπιζωντας να διαπερασουμε το πεπλο!! Το Ευχομαι με ολη μου την καρδια! Θα ειστε μαζι μου; (ο; 
Θα ειναι τοσο συναρπαστικο!! Μπορειτε να επισκεφθειτε κι αλλους Νεραιδοπαρμενους και να διαβασετε τα αφιερωματα τους στις Νεραιδες, να επικοινωνησετε μαζι τους η οποια-ος απο εσας επιθυμει μπορει να παρει επισης μερος σε αυτη τη μαγικη γιορτη!!!
Θα σας περιμενω ολους!!!  
Να ειστε καλα και πολλα φιλια!! 

Πέμπτη 16 Ιουνίου 2011

Yesterday's "Strawberry Moon"!!!

Γεια σας αγαπητοι μου φιλοι !  
Ειδατε την ολικη εκλειψη σεληνης χθες το βραδυ; Μεχρι να καλυφθει το φεγγαρι απο τη σκια της γης και να εξαφανιστει τελειως απο τον ουρανο, ειχε παρει μια κοκκινη υπεροχη αποχρωση! Εμαθα πως το λενε και "Φραουλενιο Φεγγαρι"!!! Νομιζω πως...ειναι πολυ ταιριαστο ονομα!!   
Εβγαλα φωτογραφιες για να μοιραστω μαζι σας αυτο το υπεροχο φαινομενο!! 

Hello my dear friends ! 
Did you saw the Total Lunar eclipse yesterday night? Till the Moon get covered by the shadow of the Earth and disappears completely from the sky it had a wonderful red colour!!!  I learned that it is also called "Strawberry Moon"!!! Ι think it's a very suitable name !! 
Ι took photos to share with you this wonderful phenomenon!!    

Μπορουσαμε να δουμε την εκλειψη για αρκετη ωρα αλλα δυστυχως τα συννεφα καποια στιγμη την καλυψαν τελειως και ετσι δεν μπορουσαμε να την δουμε μεχρι το τελος! Προλαβα ομως να την δω εστω και λιγο και ηταν πανεμορφη μεχρι να κρυφτει!!!  
Βρηκα και ενα ενδιαφερον λινκ που μιλαει για τους μυθους και τις δοξασιες για την Εκλειψη της Σεληνης!  
Διαβαστε εδω: http://www.e-go.gr/news/article.asp?catid=17826&subid=2&pubid=128681132

We could see the Eclipse for plenty of time but unfortunately the clouds covered it and we couldn't see it till the end, but i'm very glad that i had the chance to see it even for a while and she was very beautiful till she got hidden!!! 
I also found an interesting link that talks about myths and beliefs about the Eclipse of the Moon!
Read here: http://www.e-go.gr/news/article.asp?catid=17826&subid=2&pubid=128681132 

May Moon Fairies come in your sleep!

Τρίτη 14 Ιουνίου 2011

Bronze chainmaille earrings with beads and other metal materials!

Γεια σας φιλοι μου! Καλη εβδομαδα!!
Θα σας δειξω παλι μερικα σκουλαρικακια chainmaille !! Εχω φτιαξει αρκετα, αλλα τελευταια εχω αρχισει να φτιαχνω διαφορα κοσμηματα με περισσοτερα υλικα εκτος απο κρικακια! Exω μαζεψει διαφορες χαντρες και πολλα αλλα υλικα τοσο καιρο, αλλα κολλησα αγρια με το chainmaille και εχω πολλες ιδεες για το μελλον, ειπα ομως να κανω ενα διαλειμματακι και να δημιουργησω κοσμηματα με πιο πολυ φαντασια! Σημερα θα σας δειξω συνδυασμους european chainmaille σε μπρονζε με αλλες μεταλλικες χαντρες και με μικρες χαντρουλες!! 
Δειτε τις δημιουργιες μου πιο κατω:

Hello my friends! Have a great week!  
I will show you some chainmaille earrings again !! I've made many, but lately i started to make jewelries with different materials except rings! I have collected several beads and lot of other materials all this time, but i got hooked on chaimaille and i have lots of ideas for the future , but i thought to make a break cause i want to create jewelries with more fantasy! 
Well, today i will show you some combinations of european chainmaille in bronze combined with other metal beads & small beads !! 
See my creations below: 

European chainmaille triangle earrings made with bronze rings fitted with bronze beads, green ceramic cube beads and pink-red glass beads!

Metallic flowers in gold colour..combined with bronze rings and green ceramic beads! The hooks are golden plated!  

European chainmaille  bronze earrings combined with bronze and ceramic green beads hanging from a bronze ring and hooks!  

 That's all for now folks!
We will talk soon again! 
Kisses to all ! 
Αυτα για την ωρα φιλαρακια! 
 Τα λεμε παλι συντομα! 
Φιλια σε ολους ! 

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